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Metropolis Cruise
All the customers have to present their valid Travelling Documents as they come on board. Such as :

1. Hong Kong Permanent Identity

2. Hong Kong Identity together with the re-entry permit or Passport or the valid Hong Kong Identity Certificate or the Visa of Hong Kong Identity. ( The children at their age 11 or below and the Hong Kong non permanent Residents have to present the above documents as they pass through the Immigration Department. )

3. The valid permit.

4. The valid International Passport ( Foreign Traveller )

Macau customers are required to present their valid travelling documents as they come on aboard. Such as:

1. Macao SAR Permanent Resident Identity Card.

2. Macao SAR Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card and Visit Permit for Residents of Macao SAR to Hong Kong SAR (also known as Visit Permit to HK SAR):

3. China passport with round trip ticket, the date of travelling are required to be matched up our on-board schedule.

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