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Metropolis Cruise

Metropolis Cruise is a successful Cruise Group operating at the door way of Great China Area, Hong Kong

The company is targeted at the needs of the middle to upper class pleasure, and is founded on evidence of tremendous demand within the region for a combination of holiday cruise and other entertainments, and provides the best facilities and services, who is the well-known market leader in Hong Kong.


Metropolis Cruise Group established in January 2007, and start the operation of Metropolis Cruise in the same year.

Starry Metropolis Cruise joined our group as the second cruise operates in Hong Kong and China Sea area.

Oriental Dragon Cruise joined our group in July 2013, Metropolis Cruise Group became the market leader in Hong Kong, providing the best service to guests from different countries.

China Star Cruise joined our group and operated from November 2013-2014, provided one more choice to our guests.

From January 2014 to January 2015, Starry Metropolis moored to China Ferry Terminal Pier which provided convenience embarkation procedure and service to guests.
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